14 Things Every Growth-Oriented Business Needs to Know About Their Customer

Here are fourteen things you should know:

  1. How much revenue each contributes
  2. Rank of customers by revenue
  3. Rank of customers by unit volume
  4. Number of customer orders and trends (ordering more, less, same?)
  5. Average revenue per order (hint: frequent small orders are often unprofitable)
  6. Average number of units per order (perhaps you can get them to bundle bigger ticket items that are more profitable with smaller items)
  7. Customer profitability
  8. Customer ranking by gross margin %
  9. Customer ranking by gross margin $
  10. Customer base changes-new customers vs. loss customers, increasing revenue customers vs. decreasing revenue customers
  11. Definition of target customers by observable characteristics
  12. Definition of target customers by qualifier criteria
  13. What criteria profitable customers use to select their vendor
  14. How you perform on that criteria relative to the competition

Now what to do with all this information:

When we work with clients we collect the first 12 variables in an excel sheet for analysis. Then we use the last two to develop a competitive position that will help you grow your business with  profitable customers.

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