Assessment Next Steps

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We hope you found the results enlightening.  We have these recommendations for you:

Mostly Green

If your results were mostly green, then you are performing at a higher level on Growth DNA than most of your peers. Because your scores are already consistent with growth-mindedness I suspect you wouldn’t mind ifyour outcomes reached even furtehr to amazing levels never before achieved. At the very least your results should be beating the market consistently. If they are not, there are three actions you can take:

  • Do nothing and hope ot evolve over time to greater success
  • Pick one area to improve and focus on that. Many of the principles needed ot achieve Growth DNA are outlined in teh book Reignite. The book discusses best practice for each of these phases and can be purchased here.
  • Let’s chat. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx or email us.

Mostly Yellow

If your results were mostly yellow, then you have a good organization.


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