Benefits of working with Breakthrough Masters Unlimited

Results: The number one motivator for doing any kind of project or planning is to improve organizational performance. This approach has enabled companies and organizations to think bigger, and achieve their targeted results in Revenue growth, Profitability, and Return on Investment of resources.

t_rogge“After years of flat revenue, we either met or exceeded every performance measure we set in our five year plan and are working with you again on our next plan.” – Tom Rogge, Cramer Products, Inc.

Focus: The strategic thinking approach ensures that there is a common purpose for the organization, a focus for the direction of the company, and alignment throughout the organization. That saves time and money. A clear focus enables the organization to edit their projects to those that will drive the business forward and invest all available resources into fewer but much more important initiatives.

jimcook“Our organization was able to reduce our budgeting cycle by one full month due to the incredible focus we had in the organization after our work with you.” – Jim Cook, Children International

Clarity: By having a well-defined and specific strategy that drives the entire organization, the line-of-sight to what is needed to achieve the outcome, and the role of each part of the organization is much clearer and therefore easier for each part of the organization to contribute in a synergistic way to the outcome.

Accountability: The action tools created in the third phase of the process establish accountability for successful completion of the key initiatives necessary to achieve the targeted outcome.

Team work: The process is inclusionary and encourages each person to contribute and receive value, cementing relationships of the leadership team which carries over into implementation.

timtrabon_w“You were able to draw talent from a number of individuals who heretofore had kept it cloaked. The environment you created encouraged, and in a way insisted, that each person participate.” – Tim Trabon, Trabon Solutions, Inc.

Leadership dynamics: Throughout the strategic thinking process new tools are introduced which enable leaders to lead, providing implementation oversight. Our work provides leadership coaching throughout the process as desired by the client.

Organizational energy: The most common emotion at the conclusion of the work is renewed enthusiasm spawned by new thinking and refreshed energy for the work that lies ahead.




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