GrowthDNA Assessment for Test 3


Confidence: 50


A score of GREEN (45 or more points out of 50) indicates that you are doing well in this area. A score of YELLOW (32-44 points out of 50) indicates that you have some things in place, but could do more in this area. A score of RED (31 or fewer points out of 50) indicates that you have work to do in this area.

Your organization gathers relevant data and translates it into information, which guides decision-making. Metrics extend beyond financial measures into market driven insights—where your growth opportunities reside. Your organization cares about customer profitability and has some means to track it. You tend to be outcome driven rather than activity driven in that you use metrics, not work effort, to assess results.   Your organization pays attention to the market and values “outside-in” data or market-facing data around customers or competitors, as much as it does internal or “inside-out” data.

As a result, your company should be regularly identifying new market-based opportunities. The risk factor of pursuing them is mitigated by the data, which assures you that they these opportunities are real and significant in scale. Having ideas is not a problem for your organization.

If you are not seeing the results expected from these insights or seeing them fast enough or just want to take them up another notch, let’s talk about how to make that happen.

Clarity: 50


Your organization scored well on strategy development. You likely have a vision and mission and have taken the time to translate that into a plan for the rest of the organization to follow. In constructing your company’s strategy, important insights about the market were taken into account like trends and competition. The output of your strategy is specific enough to be clear to the organization.

Your strategy is more than a list of projects to work on but incorporates guidance for the organization on important things like competitive advantage, customer targeting, and new growth opportunities.

Given your company has a clear strategy, you should be experiencing a broad commitment to it throughout the organization down to the employee level. Undoubtedly, your goal is not just to have a top-down project based-strategy, but rather to have a strategy that permeates the organization, and all employees across all departments and locations understand it and what it means about what will be different in the future.

If you are investing the time and money to develop a quality strategy but are not getting adequate results, you may want a second opinion on your strategy to assess if there are any gaps or opportunities for improvement to make it even stronger. Let’s chat about how we could do that.

Commitment: 50


Your organization performs the activities necessary to get everybody on board with a new plan, project or direction. You value communication as a tool to ensure people not only understand where the company is going but are committed to contributing to a positive outcome. You have systems in place to track success along the way.

The work is not owned exclusively by leadership; all employees have the opportunity to make a difference. You have taken the time to translate the strategy into an action plan with specific projects, due dates and assignments. You understand that resources have to line up with priorities.

Your ability to marshal your most valuable resource—your employees—in an aligned way, holding them accountable for results will take you further than most. When you make announcements about a new endeavor, the energy is palpable in the organization. People are excited because they know what needs to be done and they know they have the skills and tools to do it. Employees ability to understand the direction and suggest ways to move the organization in that direction will enable the organization to get further than a plan that begins and ends in the leadership board room.

If the organization has communicated the strategy and is not seeing the accountability necessary for success, it is possible that there are gaps in clarity of strategy, or specificity of the action plan, or metrics that hold people responsible for results not just actions. Those are all correctable and a slight adjustment could earn you big dividends. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Culture: 50

Your score indicates that you have a growth-minded culture. Your organization clearly understands where it is going and employees are actively engaged in finding new ways to accomplish the higher level of results expected. Your organization isn’t working under duress but is enjoying the opportunity to make valuable contributions on a daily basis.

Your clear expectations and unified commitment of the organization has led individuals regardless of department to work together to accomplish more than any other person or department could on their own.

Decision-making capability is spread throughout the organization as employees understand what criteria matters and decisions are made in the same way using the same considerations no matter what level or department is making the decision. As a result, you are also more likely to have bench strength in place for leadership roles.

Your organization sees the same vision you do for the company just as clearly. That takes an incredible amount of energy on the part of leadership to communicate, encourage, and motivate employees in the “right” direction, consistent with strategy. It also means you have likely set up specific behavioral, process and practices expectation. For example if your goal is to deliver better customer service than competitors, you might tell employees that every day with every decision, their job is to find new ways to delight customers and give them authority to do so.

Undoubtedly, you see your organization working together as one to accomplish the mission and vision you have spelled out. It is likely that you are meeting or exceeding expectations regarding financial performance of the plan as employees continue to find ways to add value.

If would like to accelerate those results even further, let’s talk about ways to do that. After all, the larger the return and the sooner you get it, the more you can invest in employees and more projects to keep the growth coming!

Overall: 200


Overall, you score green.

You are performing at a higher level on GrowthDNA than most of your peers.

Because your scores are already consistent with growth–mindedness I suspect
you wouldn’t mind if your outcomes reached even further to amazing levels never
before achieved. At the very least your results should be beating the market—consistently.
If they are not, there are three actions you can take:

  • Do nothing and hope to evolve over time to greater success.
  • Pick one area to improve and focus on that. Many of the principles needed to achieve GrowthDNA are outlined in the book Reignite: How Everyday Companies Spark Next Stage Growth. The book discusses best practice for each of these phases.
  • Let’s chat and discover what YOUR organization needs specifically to take it to the next level.

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