Our Approach

Our Proprietary 3D Breakthrough Solutiontm

Our unique 3D Breakthrough Solutiontm ensures we have high quality inputs to the plan, that the growth plan provides focus that aligns the leadership team and an action plan connects the growth plan to the day-to-day operations of the organization. Each phase has its own critical breakthrough, resulting in the ability to achieve breakthrough growth. Unfortunately, other processes don’t have all three steps and lead to break downs instead of breakthroughs.

Strategically Engineer Your Organization for Growth

Discovery captures the importance of thinking about the business in new ways that shine the light on market-driven growth opportunities. The better the market insight, the more likely you will have market success.  It is the essential first step that is the foundation for the work to come.

Development happens through a shared leadership experience in which the strategy is created, future direction set and breakthrough growth for the organization envisioned. When the team jointly participates in the “ah-ha” moment(s), alignment and commitment permeate the organization, through its leaders.

Delivery  occurs when the entire organization gets on board to journey to the next level of success and achieves breakthrough growth. Breakthrough growth doesn’t happen from the C-suite—the entire organization needs to work together to make it happen. No silos. All stakeholders must know what is expected of them and be motivated to deliver. That means we work side-by-side to create the action plan and ensure implementation gets quick traction.

One common reason for failed plans is not completing the first and last phase, with all of the effort applied to developing the strategy. Market knowledge, the first phase, must be the foundation on which the strategy is built. The final phase, delivery, assures the strategy comes to life in the day-to-day operations of the business.

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